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Recipe Creations

We’d love to photograph your unique recipes for you! Take a look at some of our work ūüôā

This is a selection of some of our favorite photos from restaurants we loved working with.

Restaurant Photos

If you’d like CK Photography to do your next photo shoot, email us at [email protected] for rates and dates ūüôā


How much does a restaurant photo shoot cost?

This depends on what you would like done. You could have 3-5 dishes plus a few mocktails and some ambiance pictures done or a full menu which will take longer. Email and we can chat ūüôā

How long does it take?

For a general photo shoot of 3-5 dishes and a few mocktails, I make time for about 2-3 hours.

How many photos do you take?

I aim to get 3 photos of each dish: an over head shot, an angled or straight on shot (depending on the food), and then a freestyle shot based on my personal idea of how the dish would be portrayed best.

If you want behind the scenes photos and ambiance/restaurant photos, I generally deliver over 100 photos after shooting for 2 or so hours.

What can I use these Photos for?

You will be given full user rights to the photos, meaning you can use them for menus, marketing, or social media. I retain copyright, meaning I still own the photo itself, can use it in my own social media and marketing, and it cannot be edited or sold by anyone else.

Can you make the photos look like the feel of our restaurant?

I always try to capture the mood, vibe, and feel of a restaurant whether it’s fun and colorful, bright and airy, or dark and moody. The edits I do to my photos also reflect this idea.